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  • Heal Force Bio-meditech Holdings Limited
  • Add: 6788 Songze Avenue, Qingpu District, Shanghai 201706, China
  • Tel: +86-21-62728646
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  • E-mail:exportglobal@healforce.com
  • Contact person:Mr. Bill Shum
  • Website:www.healforce.com
  • Pureforce ROE (30,70,100L/h)
    Pureforce ROE (30,70,100L/h)
    Heal Force has developed Pureforce ROE model, specially for high demanding water solution in laboratories. Incorporating with electrodeionization module, Pureforce ROE can continuously supply type II purified water
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  • Pureforce ROE (150,300,500L/h)
    Pureforce ROE (150,300,500L/h)
    Pureforce ROE sets the standards in quality, design and innovation that comes from a heritage of many years of experience in centralized distribution of laboratory water.
    Pureforce ROE offers high quality feed water for multiple automatic biochemical analyzers simultaneously through loop distribution
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  • Pureforce RO (150,300,500L/h)
    Pureforce RO (150,300,500L/h)
    Pureforce RO150/300/500 systems cost-effectively provide high quality feed water at rates of 150 to 500 liters/hr to large or multiple automated endoscope reprocessors and washer disinfector installations
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  • T960
    The Genemate T960 Touch cycler is the flagship of Heal Force thermal cycling platform, offering unmatched performance for fast, accurate results and art interface with new ways to optimize protocols and meet any researcher’s unique needs. It enables you to choose from multiple interchangeable reaction modules, use the intuitive touch screen interface, optimize PCR assays using the gradient feature, transport your files and data with a USB flash drive, and connect to your laptop/PC for remote monitoring and future upgrading.
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  • B960
    Reliable guarantee for the accuracy of the temperature.
    Temperature extended control mode which is closer to required experiment temperature control and is able to effectively avoid the system error caused by the disaccord of the temperature points among the instrument's display temperature, actual block temperature and the temperature required for reagents. So as to improve the accuracy of the experiment and ensure the high efficiency, strict temperature control debugging program makes sure that each instrument can meet the needs of different experiments.
    12 channel temperature probes detect simultaneously, which ensure the homogeneity of sample temperature. The hermetic-space technique can efficiently eliminate PCR marginal effect. The technique of outside temperature probe tracing the inside curve testing can effectively ensure the accuracy of sample temperature.
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  • K960
    The most advanced semiconductor technology (Peltier based)
    No matter how you configure your K960 gradient thermal cycler system, it provides the high-end performance you need, easily adapts to meet your lab’s changing PCR needs, and helps you stay within your budget. Designed for trouble-free, long-life operation even in the most rigorous environments, the K960 delivers outstanding reproducibility – well-to-well, sample-to-sample, and instrument-to-instrument.
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  • K640
    The K640 thermal cycler combines industry- standard technology from 960 series- but in a more compact package and at a lower price.
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  • K160
    Although the K160 is small in size, its performance is not inferior. It has multiple capacity PCR tube selection and adopts the latest generation of semiconductor technology. It also has an animation demonstration function, which is convenient for teaching and students to understand.
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