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Two separate countries are of the same mind, jointly building the ‘China-Africa Destiny Community’ in the field of life and health

 Date:2018-06-26 14:05:02

Africa is a continent with many diseases and limited medical and health care, so it needs more support from external forces in the fields of life health and health care. Over the years, China has assisted African friends to build various medical and health institutions and dispatched medical aid teams to travel across the oceans to fight for medical frontiers while teaching medical experience to help improve local medical standards.


Zanzibar, located in the Indian Ocean in eastern Africa, has been identified by the United Nations as one of the underdeveloped regions in the world. The medical environment is harsh where water and electricity are cut off from time to time, medicines are scarce and infectious diseases such as AIDS, malaria, typhoid fever and cholera are also jeopardized. With the help of Heal Force’s operating room products,Chinese doctors have overcome many difficulties and jointly completed a multinational rescue relay that protects life, filling a local technical gap and becoming a ‘white angel’ to protect the African people’s health..


Heal Force’s TopLED series of shadowless lamps are widely used in foreign aid medical construction.


Heal Force’s ‘Meet Africa in Hunan’ Series:Chinese doctor Wei Tao and her Zanzibar friends, have aroused extensive attention.


Heal Force LED series of surgery shadowless lamps

Humanized surgical lighting and camera system

Powerful foreign aid equipment

Heal Force LED series of surgery shadowless lamps equipped with golden split-separated design and large-diameter lamp-panel wrapped field area can accurately control LED sub-lamp beams. Their innovative induction dimming systems and super-applied control panels make operations more convenient. Optional high-definition cameras implement digital operating room functions such as surgical teaching and remote consultation. The automatic fail-safe lamp head ensures the surgical illumination after a sudden power failure and the safety of the operation.


- Automatic fail-safe light head -


Heal Force LED series of shadowless lamps are able to provide a central illumination of no less than 40,000lx after 5 seconds of power failure for any reasons which are applicable to places like Zanzibar that often has power failure. In terms of lighting, it ensures the safety of the surgical process.

- HD camera -


Optional camera monitoring system built-in or externally placed on the lamp holder connect with the outside to realize digital operating room functions such as video and audio teaching and remote consultations,and it is convenient for foreign aid doctors to teach surgery. Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day.Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.



- Induction dimming system -


By using non-contact sensing, the operator can perform dimming by simply placing the surgical instrument in the sensing area, which provides convenience for medical staff.


- Control panel -


A control panel can implement ten-level brightness lighting adjustment function.

The zoom focus function of the camera is Easy to operate.


- Golden section -


The lamp cap and panel are divided according to the “Golden Section” ratio with a separate design. Fixed LED lighting panels ensure a shadowless effect. Fine-tuning the LED lighting board applies to complete the focusing function. The perfect combination achieves a good shadowless effect and ensues the depth of illumination.


Number of light sources

According to the principle of shadowlessness, Heal Force designed a large diameter (d=800mm) lamp panel to wrap the field area. It ensures that 150 independent LED light sources embedded in the lamp panel are strictly optimized, and the emission spectrum covers all visible light. The luminous efficiency can reach to 80%-90%



Reconstruction of light path

Each LED sub-lamp has an independent concentrator that precisely controls the LED sub-light beams. Each single optical path is re-formed inside the concentrator by a double reflection system. It ensures the maximum output of light and reduces the possibility of visual fatigue.


The time zips by, aiding Africa has gone through more than half a century. Under the policy of the Belt and Road, Heal force actively participates in assisting African developing countries with medical infrastructure and cooperation projects, helping to improve medical care in underdeveloped areas and surroundings. Heal force and African friends are of the same mind, working together to build a ‘China-Africa destiny community’ in the field of life and health.


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