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Spreading love and health overseas-Heal Force Zambia Aid Project

 Date:2018-06-26 14:05:02

‘Any difficulty is a test for me. Only through hardships can I grow better.’

–Yi Biao, a participant of the Petauke Hospital aid project in Zambia and senior engineer of Heal Force from Wuhan Branch Office said.

1The Republic of Zambia is a landlocked country in south-central Africa, most of which belongs to the highlands. The infrastructure in this country is in short supply, the medical workers are seriously inadequate, and the medical environment is relatively backward. After the completion of the project of the Petauke General Hospital in Zambia, it will greatly improve the medical resources of Zambia, ease the problem of medical treatment, improve the public health level in Zambia, and provide a solid guarantee for Zambia’s economic and social development.


2During the Petauke Hospital project in Zambia, Heal Force Group is responsible for providing surgical shadowless lamps, integrated operating tables, anesthesia machines, medical pendants, syringe pumps, patient monitors, central monitoring systems, baby phototherapy warmers, and radiation newborn rescue stations, newborn specialized monitor, neonatal blue light therapy machine, fetal multi-parameter monitor, ultrasound doppler fetal monitor, pulse oximeter, biological safety cabinet, high-speed refrigerated centrifuge, ultra-clean workbench, pure water systems, gene amplification instruments and many other medical equipment and laboratory equipment.


Photos of Yi Biao in Zambia

The work lasted for one month from July 30 to August 30. With the belief that Heal Force leads you to healthier life, Yi Biao has the deepened friendship with African friends and successfully completed the installation and commissioning of many equipment in Petauke Hospital in Zambia. He always works in a planned manner, strictly abides by the safety rules and regulations on the spot.

The local public security is not good and anti-theft work is a top priority. In order to prevent unnecessary losses, Yi Biao checked the attachments of the machine and put them into the warehouse, and then locked the doors and windows before off duty everyday. His meticulous and responsible work attitude has been appreciated by many parties.


The friendship between the Chinese and Zambian is becoming more and more profound due to Yi Biao’s cheerfulness, making everyone happy during work. They all like him very much. Now the aid project is still going on. The engineers of Heal Force will continue to work with friends from all over the world to improve the medical environment and promote the medical and health industry with the support of the company’s leaders and the help of colleagues.

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