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NEW! Blue light therapeutic version of the baby incubator

 Date:2018-06-26 14:05:02

What is neonatal jaundice?

After the baby is born for a few days, the skin will usually begin to turn yellow gradually. Over time, some babies’ skin will become yellower and yellower while others will slowly retreat. This is actually a neonatal jaundice, a common symptom in the neonatal period. It occurs due to an increase in serum bilirubin concentration because of bilirubin metabolic disorders. Clinically, the sclera, mucous membranes, skin and other tissues are stained yellow. Early detection of neonatal jaundice and timely intervention enable your baby to grow healthily. Newborns who are not serious in jaundice can retreat by more sun exposure.

Be careful when basking in the sunshine

■ Expose your baby to the sun through the glass window when getting plenty of sunshine so that you can fully expose baby’s skin and receive more sunlight. And take care not to catch cold;

■pay attention to the protection of the eyes and perineum;

■it is advisable to have half-an-hour sunbathing in the morning and afternoon. Pay attention to change the position to avoid sunburn.

Principle of phototherapy

Unbound bilirubin is converted to a water-soluble isomer under the action of light and is eliminated by bile and urine. Blue light with a wavelength of 425–475 nm and green light with a wavelength of 510–530 nm have better therapeutic effects.


YXK-2000GA + GLQ-2L

Baby incubator – Blue light therapeutic version

Precise. Safe. Stable


Heal Force provides you with a blue light therapeutic baby incubator, using thermostatic and safe warming equipment, simulating the uterus environment to maintain proper temperature and humidity, performing “bird’s nest” care. At  the sam time, equipped with blue light therapeutic device with a fanless ultra-thin headlight plate, light uniformity and prevention of excessive phototherapy are guaranteed so that the baby can effectively treat neonatal jaundice in a more comfortable environment.




High stability: unique trinity 48 qualitative factory inspection system, strict electrical component procurement system

High compatibility: the product itself has a blue light, can treat jaundice and can be combined with the blue light to achieve the same effect as the double-sided blue light of the phototherapy inbucator.

High flexibility: the upper blue light intensity range is 0~99; it can tell time and movehorizontally; shot directly in the box when filming.

Low impact on infants: two-in-one design of incubator and blue light, no need to move frequently when treating children; reduce infant pain and infection rate and improve treatment efficiency

Low equipment replacement rate: the incubator can be used stably, and the blue light therapy device can be used for at least 10,000 hours.


Large disc LED cold light source

The 300 lamp beads are evenly distributed, increasing the illumination area while ensuring light sufficiency and uniformity. LED lights are used to reduce heat and improve the comfort of the baby.



Transparent mattress

Easy to place the underneath blue light source for its considerate mattress transparent design. Combined with the original blue light, it realizes double-sided blue light, improve the jaundice treatment, and thus promotes the bed turnover rate.


Bed tilting stepless adjustable

The tilt angle of the crib can be adjusted according to different clinical needs to achieve various postures, including the Trenberg position.


Cluster blue controller

Light intensity and illumination time are precisely adjustable, effectively avoiding excessive phototherapy


Audible alarm

Over temperature, deviation, circulation, sensor, power failure, water shortage and other faults have sound and light alarms. Clear visual alarm range of radius can reach at least eight meters.


Split screen display

Box temperature, skin temperature, humidity split screen control, display, control range meets most clinical needs. Besides, it has special high temperature mode settings.

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