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Health Management:A New One-station wellness Cabin

 Date:2018-06-26 14:05:02

In recent years, many people have been plagued by the efficiency of hospital medical examinations. Every time they rushed to the hospital early in the morning, they still have to queue for physical test in that hospitals are always crowded with people. In addition, they are not able to receive the physical test report until the afternoon.

Let’s take a look at Heal Force’s new-launched health checkup. This one-station wellness cabin is a professional health testing and data management system tailored to the majority of medical institutions, enterprise systems, and health management organizations. It supports many testing items such as height, weight, body fat, vision, ECG, blood oxygen, blood pressure, body temperature, blood sugar, uric acid, cholesterol, hemoglobin, vital capacity, urine analysis,etc. Its integrate data management function establishes a personal health record, achieving multiple needs for documentation, physical examination, health management and education.


Equipped with voice guidance during operation,it is not difficult for the old to use.The test report can be directly printed on the spot or viewed freely through the WeChat applet.



Heal Force one-station wellness cabin

Design: simple and integrated, providing free cottage decoration design to provide residents with high-end medical services

Flexible: flexible to formulate or expand test projects according to requirements

Self-service: self-service physical examination mode with voice and electronic graphics, guiding residents to complete documentation and medical examination

Large screen display: large touch screen, clear display, clear data, easy to operate

Comprehensive functions: integrated ECG, heart rate, blood oxygen, blood pressure, body temperature, pulse rate, height, weight, body fat, blood sugar, uric acid, cholesterol, hemoglobin, vital capacity, biochemical analysis, etc.

Quick file creation: built-in ID card reader for quick personal file creation

Health assessment: Integrate statistical data based on the results of the examination.; assessment and guidance for chronic illness health

Cloud service: health files can be uploaded to the cloud, providing data uploading, storage, management and interface services to realize real-time monitoring of medical and health institutions.

Mobile support: users can look up the reports through mobile phone applets

-Master your body health information at all time -

Ultrasonic height body fat scale: height, weight, body fat multi-parameter detection

Electronic waist circumference: waist, bust and hip circumference and other parameters

12-lead ECG: heart rate monitoring

Urine analysis: 13 monitoring and testing items such as urobilinogen, bilirubin, ketone body and occult blood

Lipid meter: total cholesterol, triglycerides and high blood cholesterol

Pulmonary function: vital capacity test

Infrared thermometer: body temperature

KS-CM01 oximeter: three parameters monitoring of blood oxygen saturation, pulse rate and blood perfusion index

Arteriosclerosis sphygmomanometer: diastolic blood pressure, systolic blood pressure, pulse rate value monitoring ,voice-assisted operation, IHB function

Blood glucose uric acid cholesterol analyzer: three parameters of blood sugar, uric acid, cholesterol

ID card reader: second-generation ID card reader, real name system can be used to create personal files

After reading the paragraphs above, in which it tells you about customized solutions with local features for Chinese users, we believe that you already know that Heal Force has always been concerned with human health and that we are also committed to providing people with integral solutions and smart health management.

At the same time, we offer a full range of test and monitoring equipment.

Additionally, we are convinced that people in many countries and regions around the world also need personalized and localized health management solutions that can monitor and maintain good health.

At this point, we hope that people from all corners of the world can pay attention to human health with Heal Force. We are honored to have this opportunity to provide you with a health management plan.

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