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Heal Force X960 series are featured in BioSpectrum India

 Date:2018-06-26 14:05:02

Heal Force are featured in academic journal BioSpectrum India, which is one of the most famous and authoritative in field of biological science, to promote the newest and most salable Thermal Cycle Instrument X960 series products.




BioSpectrum is an English language Idian biotech magazine which focuses on topics in the field of pharma, agriculture, bioinformatics including news on coporates involved at research and development or industrial manufacturing or product/service distribution levels in the biotechnology chain.


X 960-PCR en tiempo real

This series of products has been favored by users at home and abroad since its release due to its reliability, sensitivity, and accuracy, which is optimized to enable the broadest range of quantitative PCR applications. Users can determine the initial quantity of the target with great precision without involving post-PCR analysis, by monitoring reactions during the exponential amplification phase of the reaction.

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