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Heal Force anesthesia machines and electrosurgical Generators were selected into ‘Excellent Domestic Medical Equipment Product Catalogue’

 Date:2018-06-26 14:05:02


On May 10, 2019, the China Medical Equipment Association issued the ‘Announcement on the Release of the Results of the Fifth Batch of Excellent Domestic Medical Equipment Catalogue’. Heal Force EB05 electrosurgical Generators and the anesthesia machines (Anaeston 6000) were selected into the fifth batches of excellent domestic medical equipment product catalogue. On July 20th, the certificate presentation ceremony for the ‘Excellent Domestic Medical Equipment Product Catalogue’ was held in Suzhou.

The selection of excellent domestic medical equipment is entrusted by the Planning and Information Department of the National Health and Health Commission, and is selected by the China Medical Equipment Association. Through the declaration of manufacturers, expert assessment, and investigation of users, the selection process is strictly regulated and the selection indicators are rigorously formulated, which gives great reference value to the purchasers. The selection of EB05 electrosurgical Generators and Anaeston 6000 is a high recognition to Heal Force products.

Heal Force is a large-scale medical device manufacturer and supplier in China. Shanghai Lishen Scientific Instrument Co., Ltd. is one of the subsidiaries of the Heal Force group. In the past 30 years, Heal Force has been actively involved in the innovation and development of domestic medical equipment, focusing on industrial manufacturing, continuously optimizing product portfolio, integrating research and development, manufacturing, sales and service, concentrating on providing customers with comprehensive digital medical and laboratory solutions. Heal Force provides high quality, reliable products and professional services for the medical and scientific fields, whose products include OR operating room series, severe anesthesia series, laboratory equipment series, perinatal product series, rehabilitation products series and home health IoT product series.

Introduction of selected products

- EB05 electrosurgical generators -


Heal Force EB05 electrosurgical generators is widely used in general surgery, hepatobiliary surgery, orthopedic surgery, radical tumor resection, coagulation treatment of digestive tract proliferative/hemorrhagic lesions, recanalization of benign and malignant stenosis and occlusion stent, treatment of Barrett’s esophagus,etc. It has fast and accurate high-power output and high cost performance, which adopts microcomputer control to automatically detect tissue impedance and adjust power output to ensure the cutting effect and reduce the damage of bleeding and tissue to a greater extent. Automatic power compensation can prevent the cutting effect being over undulating. It can be equipped with various endoscopes for endoscopic surgery, and has an expandable upgrade function, which can increase the function according to the needs of users. Also it can save 9 kinds of power modes; electrosurgical generators and argon device can be upgraded to an argon plasma coagulation.

 -Anaeston 6000 Anesthesia Machine -


The Anaeston 6000 Series Anesthesia Machine is an important part of the Smart Operating Room, providing you with advanced and reliable clinical anesthesia solutions. Anaeston 6000 series anesthesia machine has excellent performance, precise and safe flow control system and humanized gas-electric integrated switch design, which can fully intelligently classify alarms. It has comprehensive advanced and ready-to-use monitoring function, which can expand the depth monitoring function of anesthesia consciousness. Also, it equipped with high precision evaporation can. This type of Anesthesia Machine can be loaded with the TrackAO Surgery Anesthesia Management Software (online version) to meet the needs of the digital operating room.

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