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Application of developing new concept of nursing in baby care products

 Date:2018-06-26 14:05:02


Once the premature baby is separated from the maternal uterus environment, noise, light, etc. It will adversely be affected and increase the risk of infection. Heal Force premature infant developmental care solution takes the child as a living individual, aims at improving the quality of long-term survival and manages the comprehensive information of the child through the NICU clinical information management system. comprehensively using the baby incubator and the newborn rescue station. Newborn special equipment such as baby incubators, newborn rescue stations, neonatal special monitors, newborn cranes, etc. develop care, giving premature infants less sound and light stimulation. Also, mobile touching and comfortable border feeling creates a suitable micro environment for premature infants, effectively improving their survival rate. In the process of nursing, individual differences and humanized care should be taken into consideration as well as the impact of environment and family on the growth and development of children.

In addition, long-term incorrect body position in premature infants will lead to the formation of frog-like posture or nasal septum damage. Heal Force premature infant developmental care solution uses “bird’s nest” care to increase border safety for premature infants.

Heal Force premature infant developmental care solution

Creates a suitable microenvironment for premature babies

[Function of the project]

1. Maintain vital signs and make them change more slowly

2, Promote weight growth rate, make them start oral feeding earlier

3, Promote digestion, reduce gastric residual and reflux

4. Promote coordinated physical activity

5, Make premature children self-soothing

6, Promote treatment, reduce hospitalization days


Related products

Baby incubator – life support

Heal Force baby incubator helps to create a suitable micro-environment, uniform temperature inside the box, effectively improve the survival rate of newborns; triple safety guarantee, safer and more reliable. Optional Blu-ray for neonatal jaundice treatment.


YXK-2000GA baby incubator: computer box temperature control and skin temperature servo control, all-aluminum channel steel box; dual channel dual sensor plus analog system protection.Equipped with a unique three-level alarm with a transmission distance of more than 8 meters , it is safer and more reliable to useoptional GLQ-2L blue light therapy machine for neonatal jaundice treatment.

- Integral aluminum tank in the box

- Computer servo box temperature, skin temperature control, split screen display

- With >37°C high temperature mode setting

- With humidity control and humidity display, split screen display

- Over-temperature, deviation, circulation, sensor, power failure and other fault warning, sound and light reminding

- 15 degree tilt stepless adjustable crib

- With RS-232 interface

- X streamlined chassis design

- Optional lifting and front and rear double doors

- Optional GLQ-2L Blu-ray treatment machine for the treatment of neonatal jaundice

Floor-standing blue light therapy machine – jaundice treatment

Heal Force floor-standing blue light therapy machine can effectively reduce the stimulation and infection probability of children, pay attention to the uniformity of illumination and prevent excessive phototherapy; accurately control and calculate the time, adjust the illumination angle, and can be used with baby incubator.



Neonatal jaundice treatment machine GLQ-1L: fanless ultra-thin headlight plate design, 0-99% stepless adjustable light intensity , cluster controller with adjustable angle .

- Floor stand

- Clustered blue controller for timing, counting, and cumulating time

- The lamp head can be rotated

- Large disc multi-point light source with stepless adjustable blue light intensity 0~99

- Can be used with multiple models of incubators


Ceiling-type blue light therapy machine – jaundice treatment

Heal Force ceiling-type blue light treatment can be placed on the hood of the baby incubator; large-disc multi-point light source, 0~99 level light intensity is stepless adjustable to prevent excessive phototherapy.


Neonatal jaundice treatment machine GLQ-3L: its large light box design ensures uniform illumination of the bed surface. Lightweight and stylish design makes it easy to move; multi-point LED light source ensures that children are not directly glare.

- with four suction cup brackets

- with timing, counting, cumulating time function

- can be used with multiple models of baby incubators by placing on the hood of the baby incubator


Heal Force premature infant developmental care solution uses safe and stable warmth equipment to maintain the uniformity of location and equipment. It adopts blue light therapy device without sacrificing microenvironment and intensity to avoid secondary injury. We advocate developmental care by solving problems such as pain, jaundice, sound and light damage, and infection that are easy to occur in nursing for the NICU department.

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