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  • Heal Force Bio-meditech Holdings Limited
  • Add: 6788 Songze Avenue, Qingpu District, Shanghai 201706, China
  • Tel: +86-21-62728646
  • Fax:+86-21-62710529
  • E-mail:exportglobal@healforce.com
  • Contact person:Mr. Bill Shum
  • Website:www.healforce.com
  • Heal Force X960 series are featured in BioSpectrum India
    Heal Force are featured in academic journal BioSpectrum India, which is one of the most famous and authoritative in field of biological science, to promote the newest and most salable Thermal Cycle Instrument X960 series products.   BioSpectrum is an English language Idian biotech magazine...
  • CMEF | Heal Force Creating a New Future of Medical Digitalization
    Heal Force successfully participated in the 81th CMEF From May 14 to 17, Heal Force Bio-Meditech took the whole line of products to the three major exhibition halls of “Four Leaves Clover” CMEF. Many innovative scientific and technological products and overall solutions attracted much...
  • Heal Force contributes to the development of Biotechnology
    It is great to witness that Heal Force is helping global innovation and advancement of Biotechnology step by step. Today, we are glad to know that our lovely customer MEDIPOST, headquartered in Korea, a well-known Global Leader in Biotechnology and Regenerative Medicine is constantly making the w...
  • Heal Force CO2 Incubator made great achievements in Korea
    Thanks for your trust! Catholic Kwandong University Institute for Biomedical Convergence Korea Biomedical CellCulture Heal Force CO2 Incubator is helping not only hospitals but also universities and institutes all over the world to complete the job and get the best possible result with less effor...
  • Heal Force Thermal Cyclers
    WOW! We don’t always see that many Thermal Cyclers are being used that often in one single client that provides services such like Peptide Synthesis, Antibody Production, Gene Clone, Sequencing and Protein Expression Experiments, Molecular Diagnostic Kits for Genetic Engineering Experiments...
  • Heal Force Ultrasafe Triple Filter Cytotoxic Cabinet will be on the FIRST page of BioSpectrum!
    BioSpectrum is an English language Indian biotech magazine which focuses on topics in the field of pharma, agriculture, bioinformatics including news on corporations involved at the R&D or industrial manufacturing or product/service distribution levels in the biotechnology chain. We feel exci...
  • India Lab Expo 2019 in Mumbai
    Once again, we are here for IndiaLabExpo 2019 in Mumbai. We are glad to exchange great idea with researchers, scientistis, scholars and many people. Thank you all for visiting our booth and most importantly, thank you, our lovely local strategic business partner! Thank you for your effort and har...
  • Heal Force Real-time Thermal Cycler X960
    Heal Force Real-time Thermal Cycler X960 has the characteristics of High Resolution CCD、Unique Optical Path、Superior Ramp Rate and Intuitive&Powerful Software and so on,which will be launched in the June 2019 issue of Biospectrum, India.
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