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  • Bio-cura vi meditech LIMITED
  • Add: (VI)DCCLXXXVIII Songze Avenue, Qingpu District, (CCI)DCCVI Beijing: Sinis
  • Tel: + 86-21-62728646
  • Fax: + 86-21-62710529
  • E-mail: exportglobal@healforce.com
  • Contact persona: Resp. Bill Shum
  • Website: www.healforce.com
  • HFease-C
    HFease100 operating mensam quae manu redditur, quae habet esse a parte ponderi ferendo apto imperium operating mensam de CC kg. Scopo convenire facile omne positum chirurgicam operationem necessaria.
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  • HFease 400
    HFease 400
    HFease400 surgical operating table is an electric operating table that can be set up and positioned easily with remote controller. The interchangeable top is made of shape memory material to provide great comfort. With highly stable hydraulic system, the whole system can make all kinds of surgical positions, precisely and quietly.
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